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Instant Pothole Information, anytime, anywhere!

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our first smart city product introducing


Roan provides high-technology wireless road surface analyser


Whenever, whereever you are, you can see road’s status
250M TL
The cost of road maintanence only in 3 big cities in Turkey
Registered accident caused by potholes in Ankara
670M TL
Total cost for road maintanence in Turkey

How It Works?

ROAN located under bumper. It automatically starts to run its instant pothole detection algorithm with vehicle powered on!

Smart Pothole Detection Algorithm

Our field tested , smart pothole detection algorithm instantly identifies and eliminates false positives.

Easy, Customizable Management Interface

Roan’s web interface includes an easy to use city wide map, visualising road status and providing practical road analytics. This whole service is fully integratable to your desired system.