Helping businesses and governments to build high tech cities.

Founded by 4 enthisuast engineers, seyisco builds smart city technologies

We believe that, technology can solve almost every tiny problem that we experience in daily life.

Found by two enthusiastic developers Barış Kaya and Burak Kantarcı, seyisco began its journey as a game development company. After their first attempts at development they forsaw an opportunity that allowed them to help the community. This vision created a new horizon for this company, and with this addition they needed someone to do the grunt work, so Ali Çağatay Kuru joined the seyisco team.

After many successful software programs the team decided to move upwards with its technology and started developing hardware as well. The hardware engineer Sarp Bilecen joined the team and thus began the journey to Project: Roan

As a team of 4 highly innovative members, seyisco provides their customers with unique solutions to make their life better.

Barış Kaya CEO
Burak Kantarcı CMO
Ali Çağatay Kuru CTO
Sarp Bilecen COO