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Smart Maintenance for your city roads

Seyisco Roan is a revolutionary device placed underneath municipality vehicles, and it detects any cracks, potholes and other types of damage on the road surface.

Intelligent pothole detection system empowered with the GovernOS mapping and analytics software

Seyisco Roan is a AI-powered, IoT device placed underneath vehicles, and as the vehicles traverse through the roads, Roan gathers the potholes, rocks, bumps and other types of damage data, analyses it with a unique algorithm tailored by our talented engineering team. Roan is fully integrated with GovernOS, so that you can easily manage, report and solve the municipal problems like potholes! #endtoend

Smart Road Maintanence


Roan is integrated underneath your trucks and vehicles, so there are no extra vehicular costs.
Just attach this device to your cars, and the data will come to you.


With Roan, you can maintain your roads much more easily. We provide you regular reports on quick and easy measures you can take to decrease costs.

Empower your processes with GovernOS

Exceptional Quality

Meet GovernOS! The mapping and analytics software platform for your city data! On GovernOS, you can manage all the smart city data you gather, and generate value as well as efficiency.

Control Your City

GovernOS helps you manage people and daily workflows! It allows you to improve your city efficiency, increase production and save your resources.