Designed for Public Facilities and Maintenance authorities. It is a cloud-based facility management software that helps to improve resource utilization to reduce operational expenses and prioritize services.

Too many tools? Too much chaos?

With Parks, all your work and team is in one place

Total Database of your Work

Replacing: Spreadsheets
It automatically integrates your personnel’s work-related communication with a digital reporting system. Connects to your personnel through a mobile app, and the managers get detailed access through a web portal.So workers can access their tasks and managers can assign and track their workers progress and automate processes.

Total Database of your Work

Replacing: Whatsapp
With an application that looks like any commonn messaging application, your employees can adapt with next to zero training. However, this application is not just a messaging platform, on the background it also detects work hours, maintains active tasks and tracks task completion and it can log everything into related categories like inventory and performance.

Decision Empowering Reports

Replacing: Paperwork
Because our application logs everything into the cloud, we can trace back the steps that were taken by individuals, as well as groups of people. All of this is represented on a map in our web application. With one glance the management can see what is happening and why taking control of every situation.

Exceed the expectations

Your park operations

  • Paperworks
  • Citizen Complaints
  • Spreadsheets
  • WhatsApp
  • GIS

into a single dashboard

  • Field team management
  • Visuals of park problems
  • Prioritization
  • Performance Score
  • Inventory Management
Familiar Interface

Teams can reach incomplete tasks, status and assign new tasks

Tailored for your needs

Parks are the face of your municipality, allow them to have the perfect care.

All you need is one-click away

Make sure all parks get the care they need.

Bird-view of your parks and field teams

Our Parks system alone gives you control over everything that happens in your parks.

Benefits for Managers

  • Provides accountability for teams.
  • Speeds up routine task management.
  • Increases action speed.
  • Increases team motivation & control.
  • Easy adaptability for new team members.
  • Allows tracking of personnel efficiency.
  • Archives all work.
  • Provides an overview of the region.
  • Sustainable work flow.
  • Decreases paper use in reporting.
  • Provides weekly and monthly reports.

Benefits for Field Teams

  • Provides accountability for work done.
  • Extremely easy to use system requires no training.
  • Enhances confirmation/authorisation requests from managers.
  • Increases urgent task completion speed.
  • Speeds up routine tasks.
  • Increases overall action speed.
  • Increases work motivation.
  • Decreases human error.
  • Documents all work done.

Benefits for Cities

  • Creates safer parks.
  • Standardises park management.
  • Allows the control of teams and parks.
  • Opens a gateway to exceed citizen expectations.
  • Increases park sustainability.
  • Increases park standards.
  • Allows all parks to be operational every day.

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