With Seyisco Roads road scanning technologies, take control of road damage because every unresolved road issue leads to lethal accidents, vehicular damage and costs municipalities a lot of money.

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Your road maintanence operations

  • Paperworks
  • Citizen Complaints
  • Spreadsheets
  • WhatsApp
  • GIS

into a single dashboard

  • Visuals of road problems
  • Smart Prioritization
  • Team Management
  • Field Applications

Simplifies road priorities for you

Roads digitally isolates the damage it detects and presents you the severity of the damage, thus you can save up to 90% of your road maintenance costs with early intervention or preventive maintenance on upcoming issues, and reducing citizen complaints by up to 50% by fixing high priority issues

Don’t leave any damage behind

As soon as Roads detects a problem on the road, it sends its data directly to the cloud servers. Roads provides visual data flow for your municipality as well as data analysis for all damage it detects. With only one-click, you can easily report and confirm hundreds of damage along with their photos and priorities.

Stop filling in paperwork

Roads’ special structure for preparing reports helps to collect your documents on a single screen, speeds up your reporting and enables you to easily manage your teams. Creating reports, workload sheets or even an excel document has never been easier!

This is how you integrate Roads into your operations

Take control of your Roads in just 5 steps!


Select Region

The regional map is selected & prepared for the road scanning process.


This designated area is scanned with Seyisco’s special scanning vehicles

Gather Data

The depth, width and visual data of all road damage is collected from the scanned road

Monitor Your Gains

All defects will be marked on the region map that is specially prepared for you. You can access this map online

Take Control of your Roads

You can view all or individual road problems with their pictures, set or change their priorities and generate work/dispatch orders or reports easily on the same screen

With using Roads, we can detect all potholes, cracks on our roads. We cut pothole caused complaints by half. We use our field resources more efficiently because we are fixing problems right on time!

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