Save Money Save Lives

Meet Roan! It is a revolutionary device placed underneath vehicles, and as the vehicles traverse through the roads, Roan gathers the raw data, analyses it with a unique algorithm developed by Seyisco and decides if the road has any cracks, potholes, rocks, bumps and other types of damage


Roan is easy to install underneath to municipality vehicles. Stay informed about how your road conditions are performing


With proven solutions from our partner ecosystem, when Roan detects a road problem, it sends directly to the our purpose-built cloud servers to turn data into action.


Manage road dispatch service teams efficiently. Our cloud-based solution makes creation, execution, assignment, and debriefing of fieldwork simple and mobile.

Save Money

Save up to 90% of your maintenance cost.

Save Lives

Adopting ROAN can prevent over 1000 accidents in your city every year.

Long Lasting Roads

With ROAN, you get cheaper maintenance, longer lasting roads and less problems.

Survey your streets

Roan is integrated underneath your trucks and vehicles, so there are no extra vehicular costs.

Just attach this device to your cars, and the data will come to you.

Sustainable Road Health

With Roan, you can maintain your roads much more easily. We provide you regular reports on quick and easy measures you can take to decrease costs.

Build an end-to-end Road Maintenance service into your city